Accra, Tuesday, 15th November 2022 – The Managing Director of Republic Bank (Ghana) PLC, Mr. Benjamin Dzoboku, hosted the Staff of the Bank to a maiden Staff Engagement Function since his appointment in July 2022 as the first Ghanaian Managing Director of Republic Bank Ghana. The event was to engage and connect with Staff across the country in an informal setting to interact, have fun and discuss the progress of the Bank.

The Staff Engagement was held in Kumasi at the Longford Event Centre for the Northern Sector Staff and in Accra at the Underbridge Event Centre for the Southern Sector Staff, under the theme of People, Purpose, Performance and Progress.

According to Mr. Dzoboku, the choice of the theme was based on the kind of future he, together with the Board of Directors, plan to build with the Staff. He said, “Colleagues, it is essential to build camaraderie amongst ourselves while we build our future together. I am happy about the fact that we are building this all-inclusive future not only by ourselves and the Executive Management team but, with support from our Board of Directors to help achieve the Strategic goals of the Bank, keeping our Cherished Customer as the focal point.  Just as espoused in our Bank’s Declaration of Purpose – We Value People, We Serve with Heart, We are deeply Committed to your Success…We Care. This remains as our mantra to succeed” Mr. Dzoboku said.

He expressed his appreciation and excitement for the opportunity to interact and have fun with all Staff outside the office setting. He assured the team of his zeal and passion for leading the Bank to great success, becoming the Bank of Choice for the Staff, Customers and Shareholders.

According to Mr. Dzoboku, people are the Bank’s most significant assets, hence the need to always be in contact with Staff to bond as one Big Blue Family. He encouraged the Staff to shine in their own small ways, which would in turn shine on the entire Bank and its Cherished Customers. He ended his message with the Irish proverb, “In togetherness as a Team, Castles are built”, encouraging Staff to come together to work towards achieving the Bank’s common goal.

The event’s highlight was when staff was asked what they would buy if the Managing Director gave them his Credit Card. The trivia elicited several responses from the staff. Among them was a request for a new laptop for studies by a staff member from the Microfinance subsidiary of the Bank, Republic Boafo. This request caught Mr. Dzoboku’s attention, and as a leader with a heart, he bought a laptop with his Republic VISA Credit Card for the lucky staff member.

Adding to the excitement and fun-packed activities of both days, Mr. Kweku Sintim-Misa, popularly known as KSM and the legendary playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte featured to deliver stimulating motivational talks, with the latter staging a short skit to entertain, yet educate the staff on the chosen theme.

In August and October this year, similar events were held in Accra and Kumasi for some Customers and Stakeholders of the Bank, to appreciate their customs and relationships and to interact with the new Managing Director, Mr. Benjamin Dzoboku.