It is a targeted contract savings account with one-year savings duration. The account pays a 13TH month of your contribution which is equivalent to 9% p.a. on the thirteenth (13th) month. The targets are;

  •      Individuals / Joint / Groups
  •      SME’s
  •      Enterprise / Sole Proprietor

The purpose is to encourage regular monthly savings


  •      Account to be operated as a savings account
  •      Account can be operated as a joint account
  •      Initial account opening balance of GHS50
  •      Minimum mandatory regular monthly contribution of at least GHS50 per month for 12months post account opening.
  •      Non-negotiable no withdrawal policy on account for 1-year post account opening.
  •      Where forced withdrawal is made before the mandatory 12 months, customer loses all special interest gained.
  •      Optional one (1) year term insurance policy available
  •  Access to bulk monthly savings together with 13th month bonus payment.