Republic Right Start

Republic Right Start Account

The REPUBLIC Right Start account is a savings account that targets; Parents and Guardians of all children…Read More

Republic Time Saver Account

Republic Time Saver Account

This is a savings account that targets Individual regular savers; aimed at growing savings of…Read More

Republic 55plus Account

Republic 55plus Account

This product targets all Ghanaians above the age of 55 years. Account to provide…Read More

Republic iDO Account


Republic iDo Account

A savings account that targets; Young individuals/couples looking to save …Read More

Republic Optimizer Account


Republic Optimizer Acount

This is a hybrid of savings and current account. Product targets individuals and businesses …Read More

Republic Career Builder Account

Republic Career Builder Account

This account is for young adults, professionals and entrepreneurs who wante…Read More

Republic SusuPlus  Account

Republic SusuPlus Account

It is a targeted contract savings account with one-year savings duration. The account pays a 13TH…Read More

Republic HomeSave Account

Republic HomeSave Acount

Product targets customers who desire to own their homes within the shortest possible…Read More