Republic Bank Ghana and MTN Ghana


Pesewa Susu is a 2-IN-1 savings account on the MTN Mobile Money Platform *170#. The product is a partnership between Republic Bank and MTN Ghana.

Pesewa Susu earns 50% more interest than on mobile money wallet. Customers will earn 6% per annum on their Pesewa Susu account. This is 50% more than the 4% customers earn on their Mobile Money Wallet.

The Pesewa Susu Account consist of the following:

  1. Pesewas Savings: Mobile Money customers who register for this saving account will have the pesewas in their mobile money wallet at the end of day swept (moved) into the Pesewa savings account. The movement of the pesewas is an automated process and will be carried out on daily basis including weekends and public holidays.
  2. SUSU: Mobile Money customers who subscribe to SUSU will be required to specify the susu amount to be swept (moved) automatically from their mobile money wallet into their Susu account on daily, weekly or monthly basis.



By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Pesewa Susu, the customer agree to the following:

  1. Pesewa Susu is a 2-in-1 product made up of Pesewa Savings and SUSU.
  2. Pesewa Savings Account will be open for the customer at registration. The Pesewas in customer’s MTN Mobile Money Wallet will be automatically swept (moved) into your Pesewa Savings Account once a day including weekends and holidays.
  3. The pesewas in a customer’s mobile money wallet will be automatically swept into his Pesewa Savings account once a day after registration.
  4. Customer with Pesewa Savings can add SUSU at any time to his Account to grow his savings by stating the amount to save daily, weekly or monthly.
  5. The specified SUSU amount will be automatically swept (moved) from the customer’s mobile money wallet into his SUSU account on the frequency selected by customer, that is Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  6. The applicant consent to MTN sharing his personal information with authorised parties for regulatory and commercial purposes. Pesewa Susu is a collaboration between MTN and Republic Bank.
  7. The applicant consent to receiving SMS on selected Pesewa Susu transactions.
  8. Interest Rate is variable and the prevailing rate will be displayed during registration. At product launch the Interest Rate will be 6% per annum. This is 50% more than the 4% interest on Mobile Money wallet.
  9. Pesewa Susu Customers will be notified by SMS when the Interest Rate changes.
  10. Interest on Pesewa Susu Account will be calculated on daily basis but paid quarterly (every three months).
  11. Interest Payment: Interest due subscribers will be credited (paid) to the Pesewa Susu account one (1) weeks after the end of the quarter. In the event of a technical challenge, the interest payment will not delay more than a week.
  12. There is absolutely no service charge or fee when you deposit or withdraw from your Pesewa Susu account.
  13. Withdrawal: Pesewa Susu is a savings account and therefore we encourage subscribers to save for the long-term just as little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. However, subscribers can withdraw money from their Pesewa Savings or SUSU Account anytime.
  14. Withdrawal made on Pesewa Susu account will be credited to the subscriber’s MTN Mobile Money Wallet only.
  15. Settlement into a customer’s Pesewa Susu Account will be completed the next business day (T+1) and start earning interest after settlement. Deposits made on weekends and public holidays will be settled the next business day.
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