A savings account that targets;

  •      Young individuals / couples looking to save towards marriage
  •      Newly-weds

Encourages yet-to-weds to save towards their marriage and also helps couples grow their savings

  •      It is an interest-bearing account (operated as a savings account).
  •      Account can be operated as a joint account
  •      Initial account opening amount is GHS200
  •      Minimum account operating balance shall not be less than GHS200.00
  •      No withdrawal on account for 6 months’ post account opening.
  •      If withdrawal is made within the first 6 months, there is a loss of interest in the quarter in which withdrawal is made.
  •      Interest rate of 5% per annum (interest to be applied on minimum monthly balance credited quarterly).
  •      Free use of Ebankese gardens for wedding photo shoot. (Clients to pre arrange with Branch)
  •      Republic Bank Bank’s wedding checklist to help you plan your wedding
  •      Special “I Do” loan facility of up to twice amount saved in a year.
  •      Get an Engagement/Wedding day branded souvenir from REPUBLIC
  •      ‘I Do’ package (envelope and a card covering deposit into ‘I Do’ account to be submitted as a gift at the account holders’ wedding ceremony
  •      Ease the burden of gift collection on couples’ wedding day with the I Do card.