The Government of Ghana (GOG) in its 2007 Budget mandated Republic Bank to provide an affordable home ownership scheme for public sector employees. All applications for the affordable home ownership scheme will be evaluated in accordance with Republic Bank’s eligibility and credit criteria.

The following qualify under the scheme:

  • All current public sector employees who have been in public sector employment for a minimum of 5 years.
  • The applicant must not have reached the general mandatory retiring age of 60 or 65 in the case of judges of the High Court and 70 years for judges in the Appeals and Supreme Courts.
  • For applicants who have 5 years or less to retirement, Republic Bank will lend to such applicants provided GOG agrees to pay the outstanding loan amount due, out of the borrowers total lump sum entitlements when the borrower is about to go on pension or when the loan matures whichever comes earlier.
  • Joint applications will be accepted in the form of husband and wife or parent and child.
  • Upon the beneficiaries’ resignation or cessation of employment with GOG the interest rate on the mortgage loan shall be revised in accordance with the prevailing Republic Bank market rates.



  • Completed Application form.
  • Offer Letter from a Real Estate Developer or a vendor.
  • Personal Reference Form.
  • Proof of Relationship in the case of joint application (such as a marriage certificate).
  • Confirmation or Certification of Employment Letter/form from your employers stating your salary AND the Latest (3) salary slips/salary certificate/pay stubs showing all deductions.
  • Applicant’s salary must pass through Republic Bank. Where it is not possible because Republic Bank may not be easily accessible by applicant, then the repayment must be deducted from source by the borrower’s employers or the Accountant Generals’ department or any institution nominated by Republic Bank and sent to Republic Bank.
  • Copy of Title Deed /Land Title Certificate and must include 7 copies of site plan from developer or owner of property.


Properties which qualify under the scheme

  • The location of the property must have basic infrastructure including access to roads, water, electricity and drainage.
  • The property shall be 40 kilometers radius within Accra/Tema, Kumasi, Sekondi/ Takoradi or any of the regional capitals and any economically viable area approved by Republic Bank
  • All the 10,000 housing units being built for Public Servants under the auspices of the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing.
  • Loans could be taken for the purchase of completed homes such as Republic Bank’s Home Purchase Product or for Incremental Mortgages such as the BUY, BUILD & Own a Home Product
  • Groups that have their own land and wish to incrementally develop properties.
  • Construction of houses using incremental mortgage will have to be done strictly according to approved house designs. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the contract by Republic Bank.
  • Borrowers can use this facility once in their lifetime.


National Homeownership Fund Scheme

Resident Ghanaians

Non-Resident Ghanaians

Processing Fees

1.5% of Loan Amount upon submission of application


Facility Fees

1.0% of Loan Amount upon acceptance of the offer


Legal Fees

1% of property open market value for stamp duty on title

0.5% of Loan amount for stamp duty on mortgage deed

GHS 5,000 towards registration of title