The Final Rest Plan is a funeral policy that aims to offer cash benefits to the covered policyholder or other lives covered when they die. The policyholder can choose a payment term for the policy, which indicates that premium payments will be made for that time. There are some exciting benefits inbuilt in this product that requires no extra premium to enjoy.


  • The maximum number of people covered is 16
  • Age limits: Main Life & Spouse 18- No Maximum

 Children 0-21 years

  • Parents – 31 – No Max
  • Parents in Law, Grandparent, Foster parents: 0-No Max
  • Sum assured ranges between GHC2,000 – GHC50,000
  • Policy Payment term: 10 or 15 years. **100% premium refund or waiver at the end of the payment term if no claim is made
  • Payment Frequency: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, with a 10% discount for those who pay annually.


Embedded Benefits

  • 2 months premium holiday: Clients will pay for 10 months instead of 12 months. Premiums are exempted in September and January
  • Death waiver of premium: Pays premiums on behalf of remaining lives at the death of the main life having registered at or below age 49 years and dying before age 60
  • Life Swap: Main life can take 50% of his cover for an uninsured life who is either spouse, child, sibling, parent or guardian who passes away provided that life is in the same age bracket or younger for a policy that has been active for more than 12 months.. Main life serves 12 months waiting period after the swap. This is done once in the lifetime of the policy term
  • Cash back: 5% of premiums paid annually provided no claims are made and the policy has not lapsed.
  • Surrender: 10% of the premiums is refunded less any policy fee and cash back received earlier provided there has not been any claim paid on the policy.
  • No Waiting period for Accidental Death: A claim on the Policy may be made immediately after acceptance by Enterprise Life in the event of death caused as a result of accidents only.
  • No Lapse/No Termination advantage: Provided the first premium has been paid and an acceptance has been made by Enterprise Life, the Policy would not lapse or terminate when payment of premium ceases. This feature is only available to lives who enter at age fifty-nine (59) and below.
  • Inflation Protector: (Premium Update) Allows to choose a % protector (5-30%) that allows you to increase your sum assured annually to meet time value of money


Optional Benefits

  • Double Accidental Cover: This pays 2x the sum assured when the main life dies through accidental means
  • Personal Accident Cover: Provides cover for injuries sustained through accidental means. Cover ranges from GHC10000 – GHC50000 and payment is done based on what has happened with the aid of the PA scale. Cover ceases at age 60
  • Hospitalization: Pays for policyholder being hospitalized for a minimum 3 days at a recognized medical facility. Payment options are GHC50, GHC80, GHC100, GHC120, GHC150
  • 1 year memorial: 50%of the sum assured is paid after 12 months. 70% of the (50%) is paid upon early request.
  • Pre-Burial Benefits: One-Week:
    • 30% of sum assured
    • 40 days: 50% of sum assured


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The Eduplan policy helps the policyholder to put some funds aside to cater for the educational expenses of the policyholder or the policyholder’s children. Eduplan provides both an investment component and an insurance benefit.

Policy Features (Insurance component)

  • Main life & up to 6 children (bio, step, adopted)
  • Ages: Main life (18-59), Children (0-21) . Cover ceases at 70 years
  • Min premium: GHS 50 Maximum Premium: GHS 1,000
  • Waiting Period: 6 months 50% of total premiums to be refunded for natural death within the waiting period for the deceased life Assured.

Insurance Benefit:

  • Life Cover Cash benefit: Policy pays cash benefit (like a funeral cover benefit) if the main life or child passes away having served the 6 months waiting period and within the policy term.
  • Full Encashment: Policy term on the policy is 18 years. regard Encashment can be at the end of the term selected by the Main Life
  • Partial Withdrawal: The policy allows the Main life to make partial withdrawal of up to 50% of the investment account once a year after a minimum of 12 months contribution
  • Paid up: Policy can be moved to “investment only” rather than surrendering if client wishes not to investment any longer provided there is at least GHS 600 in the investment account
  • Unemployment Bridging: Policy remains active for a period of 12 months to allow policyholders to find a new income source. Not covered for natural death but for a 30% accidental death benefit is paid during this period

Optional Benefits

These benefits must be selected, and adequate premiums paid to enjoy the cover

  • Cash Bonus: Provides an extra savings component between GHC10 – and GHC50. Main Life can withdraw partially after 1 year and full withdrawals after 3 years
  • Hospitalization: Provides cover for only the main life. Options vary from GHC30, GHC50, GHC70, GHC100 & GHC150. Paid when main life is hospitalized for 3 days or more. The benefit amount is the option selected multiplied by no. of days spent up to 30 days for a calendar year and ceases at age 60


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This is a policy that pays out a lump sum as replacement income for families in the event that the breadwinner who is the policyholder suffers any dread disease or Critical Illness, or becomes totally and permanently disabled or dies

Policy Features     

  • Cover: Only Policyholder is covered 
  • Events covered: named dread diseases, , Total Permanent disability from accidents, death
  • Term: 5 – 47 years   
  • Entry age: 18 – 60 years
  • Ceases: At 65 years  
  • Waiting Period: No waiting period subject to no pre-existing condition and any medical examinations required
  • Sum assured: GHC5000 – GHC500000
  • Cash Back : There is a cash back refund to policyholder of 5% of premiums paid annually provided no claims are made within that year

Standard Benefit

  • Death & Total Permanent Disability (TPD): When main life encounters either death or TPD whichever comes first, the full sum assured chosen (between GHC5000 – GHC500000) is paid to the named trustee.

Optional Benefits:

  • b) Critical Illness cover: Provides a % of the sum assured in the event of any dread diseases

100% payable

Stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, leukemia, major organ transplant, paralysis (both legs or both hands), brain tumor (WHO Grade III or IV)

50% payable

Major burns, paralysis (one leg or one arm), some cardiovascular diseases, etc, brain tumour (WHO Grade II)


  • Hospitalization: Pays an amount of GHC50 per day for the number of days spent at the hospital up to a maximum of 30 days in a calendar year. The policyholder must have been hospitalized for 3 days or more to qualify, and it will be the selected benefit multiplied by the number of days spent counting from day 1.
  • Cash Bonus: A savings component where policyholders can contribute between GHC10-GHC50. Can access funds after 1 year up to 50% and after 3 years, can access the full withdrawal.
  • Burial Cover for parents: Provides cover for the policyholder’s parents for an amount of GHC2,500 at the death of each parent. Parents must be between the ages of 31 and 74 and will serve 6 months waiting period
  • In the event that the policyholder dies before the parents, premiums are waived for the remaining period until the term ends provided the policyholder was 49years or younger at the inception


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