We provide you with diversification of your investments and the liquidity which is uncommon in most investment houses. This is done through the expertise of seasoned professional investment managers with an enviable track record coupled with synergies from the backing of our parent company Republic Bank. Republic Bank Investments initiated the first collective investment scheme in Ghana in 1991. The Managed Funds Department is in charge of managing a family of four investment schemes namely;

Unit Trust: The Republic Bank Unit Trust is a collective investment scheme whose main objective is to invest in short-term money market securities. Set up in 1991, it is the first collective investment scheme in Ghana.

Equity Trust: The Republic Bank Equity Trust, established in 2004, is an open-ended long-term collective investment scheme. The objective of the Trust is to mobilize funds from the general public for investment in shares of listed companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Investments in other stock exchanges may be considered in future.

Republic Bank Real Estate Investment Trust: This is a collective scheme set up in 1995 and it invests directly in the real estate industry. It serves as an alternative investment vehicle for diversification into residential and commercial real estate activities. To obtain its high-income goal, the fund invests mainly in real estate, land, shares and bonds. The Republic Bank REIT is current the only licensed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in Ghana since its establishment in 1995.

Republic Bank Future Plan Trust: This is a hybrid collective scheme (balanced Fund) set up in June 2009. The fund invests in long and short term instruments on the Ghanaian and other African Markets.

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