Republic Bank  Homesave Plus Account

  • Product targets customers who desire to own their homes within the shortest possible time
  • Individuals, Joint names or Corporate Entities
  • A long term targeted savings account
  • To give the opportunity to prospective homeowners to save towards the down payment of their desired home

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be 18 years and above
  • Applicant must meet KYC requirements

Key Product Features – Homesave Plus

  • Account to be operated as a hybrid of savings and investment
  • Standing order / direct debit
  • Minimum opening balance is GH¢100
  • Mandatory regular monthly investment contribution of not less than GH¢ 100 for 24 months/ 36 months
  • No withdrawal limit to be set on account
  • Optional one (2/3) year term insurance policy on amount contracted to be paid within the contract period.
  • Benefit to be paid on death according to commitment made.
  • Interest: Tiered but on a fixed rating scale

Product Benefits – Homesave Plus

  • Savings for a future home
  • Saving up to 25% of the property cost qualifies customer to apply for a mortgage loan
  • Qualifies customer to apply for a consumer loan
  • Account can be used as a collateral for credit facilities
  • Cheque lodgments can be made into account
  • Account attracts a high interest rate
  • Regular quarterly statements
  • Periodic information on Real Estate Market
  • Two/three full months deposit equivalent paid to customer as long term benefit after 24/36 months of saving regularly ie 24+2/36+3


  • Two (2) and Three(3) months installment after 2 and 3 years payments respectively