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This is a good time to start planning on how you are going to spend the festive season. What’s your dream? Would you want to buy that brand new car or surprise your family and loved ones with a treat? What about a new look and feel of your home or perhaps, injecting more capital into your business. Whatever your dream maybe, the Republic Bank Christmas Loan is here to make it happen.

We, at Republic Bank, have introduced our Christmas Loan Sale to offer you a wide variety of reasons why you should take the cheapest loan on the market and make your dreams happen.


Loan Types

  • Personal loan
  • SME Loan

Personal Loan

Why you should apply

  • Get up to GH150,000.00 unsecured loan
  • Enjoy ultra low interest rates
  • Quick turnaround time
  • You also have the opportunity to consolidate your loans with us (transfer from other Financial Institutions)
  • Enjoy up to 3-months Loan Deduction holiday (Loan moratorium)
  • You have the opportunity to top up your existing loan with us
  • For Government Workers with more than three years on the job, you need NO guarantor to access the loan

Targeted Customers

  • Salaried employees of both Public & Private Sector Institutions
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Corporate CEOs and Directors
  • Senior and Middle Level Management Staff and Professionals.

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Personal Loan Qualification

Income Profile


Income Bracket


Maximum Loan Amount


Debt to Income ratio (DSR)

Interest Rate

Reducing Balance

Loan Tenor

(in Months)

Platinum ≥10,000 Up to GHS150,000.00 50% 20% 60
Gold 7,000 to 9,999 Up to GHS150,000.00 45% 20% 60
Silver 3,000 to 6,999 Up to GHS150,000.00 40% 21% 60
Bronze 800 to 2,999 Up to GHS150,000.00 40% 21% 60


Important Notes

  • Private Companies shall have maximum unsecured loan amounts as follows:
    • 2-5 Years Length of Service: 7X Net Monthly Salary.
    • Above 5 Years Length of Service: 10X Net Monthly Salary.
  • All other institutions shall have a maximum unsecured loan amount of GHS150,000.  


  • Applicants must be permanently employed for a minimum of 2 years.



  • For customers with salary assignment to Republic Bank, a moratorium of up to 3 months maybe granted.
  • For TPRS deduction at source a moratorium of 2 months apply.



  • Private Companies
  • 1 Guarantor required if his income is 20% higher than that of Applicant.
  • 2 Guarantors required if the income of both is at least 20% higher than applicant salary.
  • Guarantors are required to provide recent 3 months payslip.


  • Government Workers
  • No Guarantor required for applicants who have worked for MORE than 3 years with government.
  • 1 Guarantor required for applicants who have worked for LESS than 3 years with government.


SME Loan

Maximum Loan Amount

Interest Rate

Reducing Balance

Loan Tenor

(in Months)

Up to GHS 1 million 24% 60



  • Processing and facility fee 1% each 
  • 30% cash collateral allowed on case by case basis 
  • Reduction in interest rate by 1% for full cash backed facilities 
  • Tenor of up to 5 years (to cater for vehicle / equipment financing etc) 

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