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Christmas is here again and we are delighted to announce the launch of our Christmas Loan Sales Campaign 2021 (CLC 2021). This year’s rates are ultra-low and thus offers you a great opportunity to take a new loan or refinance all existing and expensive loans with other financial institutions.

We know 2021 has been a challenging year, but in the midst of it all, Republic Bank is here to make your Christmas dreams come true! Join us and let’s Light up this Christmas.


Unsecured Personal Loan

  • Ultra-Low Interest Rate
  • Quick Approval
  • Up to 6-Years Tenor
  • Up to GHS300,000 unsecured
  • First Time Customer Welcome

SME Loan

  • Up to GHS1 million to boost your business
  • Ultra-Low Interest Rate
  • Quick Approval
  • First Time Customer Welcome



National Housing & Mortgage Scheme:

  • Up to GHS140,000
  • 11.9% per annum
  • For all government workers
  • First Time Customer Welcomed

Standard Mortgages:

  • Home Purchase
  • Home Completion
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Equity Mortgage
  • Up to 20-Years Tenor
  • Sole or Joint Application with Spouse, Parent or Sibling)

What Personal Loan Amount Do I Qualify For?


What Mortgage/Home Loan Do I Qualify For?

National Housing & Mortgage Scheme (Government Workers Only)


National Housing & Mortgage Scheme applications can be Sole or Joint with Spouse, Parent, or Sibling. For joint applications, the main applicant must be a government worker including SOEs and Companies with Government having majority stake such as Goil, SIC, etc.

Applicants whose salaries are above GHS3,064 qualifies for higher mortgage amounts above the GHS140,000 by taking a top-up from the standard mortgage package).


Standard Mortgage Packages (Home Purchase, Improvement, Completion, and Equity)

Standard Mortgage applications can be Sole or Joint with Spouse, Parent, or Sibling)

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