Facility towards pre-financing dependants’ educational expenditure (local/overseas) – tuition and living expenses.  Product is aimed at supporting scholastic/creative potential of future leaders.


  •  Maximum loan limit dependent on individual credit assessment.
  •  Maximum amount per drawdown should not exceed account holder’s gross annual salary.
  • Drawdown on facility to be linked to duration of course/programme (per semester/term).
  •  Repayment of each drawdown to be fully settled before subsequent draw downs.
  •  Life protection insurance cover for account holder on the maximum loan approved.
  • Insurance premium payable to be included in loan amount.
  • Initial insurance premium and renewals to be handled in-house.

Benefits to an Eban Adeshie include:

  •  Access to funds to support dependant (s) educational costs.
  •  Guaranteed continued support for named dependent.
  •  Dependent (s) are able to study stress-free from financial pressures.
  •  Facility to support parents/guardians to unearth maximum potential in wards