This service provides a secure, burglar and fire resistant facility, with a dual locking system for safe keeping of irreplaceable valuables of our customers/ non-customers. 

Access to the Safe Deposit Box requires both the Bank’s key and that of the customer; either key on its own cannot operate the lock. The deposit boxes are available in three sizes (small, medium and large) and can be rented on monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

A box can be rented to store any of the following items;

  •  Legal documents (e.g. wills)
  • Personal valuables (e.g. jewellery)
  •  Financial/ Investment documents
  •  Data storage devices (back-up tapes)
  • Other items like originals of insurance certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic certificates,
       title documents, negatives of pictures/videos/CDs/DVD’S etc


  •  Safe and secure place to keep valuables
  •  Privacy and confidentiality
  •  Different box sizes to suit item to be deposited
  •  High level of safety from damage such as floods, disaster, loss or theft
  • Option to remove, replace and add items as one wishes