A credit facility for the purchase of brand new vehicles from local authorized dealers.


  • 90% financing
  •  Maximum amount should not exceed gross annual salary.
  •  Trade-in options (after at least 2 years).
  •  Repayment over 5 years.
  •  Interest moratorium – first 3 months.
  •  Comprehensive insurance cover (with renewals handled in-house).
  •  Direct settlement – Maintenance/Servicing.


  •  Interest-free credit for 3 months.
  •  Drive-off in a brand new vehicle of your choice (i.e. insurance cover and registration hassle-free).
  •  Repayment terms structured to suit you.
  •  Option to trade-in for newer models (at least every 2 years).
  •  Regular servicing/maintenance monitoring.