A current account can be operated in the following currencies GH¢ (Ghana Cedi) GB£ (GB Pounds Sterling) US$ (US Dollars) € (Euro)


  • Personalized cheque book
  • Personalized ATM Card
  • Pre-approved overdraft limit of ¢1,000.00 on Cedi account.
  • An account held in a currency other than the local currency will be operated under two separate accounts –

Foreign Exchange and Foreign Currency.

  • Foreign currency allocation to be determined (based on individual needs assessment)
  • Standing Order/Direct Debit
  • eBanking Services


  • Access to Overdraft facilities to meet unexpected obligations thus avoiding the embarrassment of dishonoured cheques. 
  • Guaranteed access to foreign currency for personal/family overseas trips.
  • Facilitates settlement of recurring financial obligations to third parties (e.g. utility bills and loan repayments).
  • ATMs at convenient and secure locations.
  • Prevents loss through theft/burglary.
  • SMS-Banking facilitates
  • Telephone Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Personalized cheque and ATM card as a prestigious Customer