This facility is designed for low-income applicants who can only acquire their own home by acquiring land and developing it over time.

There are 2 features of the product. The “BUY” land portion and the “BUILD and OWN” portion.  Beneficiaries will contribute 10% of the cost of the land. The maximum amount for the “BUY” portion of the loan is USD15, 000 or the cedi equivalent.

After 50% payment on the initial loan, the customer qualifies for the “BUILD and OWN” portion of the product.  The customer selects one out of six designs from the Bank to construct a house. The selection of the house is done at the time of the initial loan application for the “BUY” land portion. The maximum loan amount for the “BUILD and OWN” (Construction) is USD35, 000 or the cedi equivalent.

The maximum term for each portion of the facility is 10 years making a total of 20 years.  There must be clear and undisputed title to the land which must be duly registered. Development permit, Building permit and approved building plans are necessary requirements.            

 Resident GhanaiansNon-Resident Ghanaians
Maximum LoanBUY LAND: USD15,000 or its equivalent in Cedis.

BUILD: USD35,000 or its equivalent in Cedis.

(Cedi equivalent of USD30,000.00 for Flex Loans)

BUY LAND: USD 15,000

BUILD: USD 35,000

Maximum Term10 years each for a total of 20yrs10 years each for a total of 20yrs
Process Fee1.5%  per each proposed loanUSD 250.00 per each proposed loan
Facility FeeNil1.5% per  each proposed loan
Design & Inspection Fee
(HFC Realty)
1% on “Build and Own” portion of loan only.1% on “Build and Own” portion of loan only.
Legal deposit towards registration of title and security documents1% of proposed loan1% of proposed loan